How It All Began

“Ventiventi was born from the desire of our family; our dream has always been to create something new and different in the wine district in the north of Modena. It took creativity to imagine it; efficiency, to shape it; and perseverance, to make our dream come true. We named the winery Ventiventi after the year 2020: it is when we finished the building and became fully operational; that’s when our story began.”

– Vittorio Razzaboni with his sons Riccardo, Andrea e Tommaso

We want to develop new ideas, experiment and make our precious raw material known.For us, this is innovation.

Modern Concept

The winery was designed and built inspired by a modern concept, with the sole goal of offering a high-quality product through the utmost respect for plants and the territory, always guided by principles of order and accuracy. We do not rely on chemicals, but on the balance of the nature. Technology helps us in reducing significantly the use of copper and sulfur.

The grape harvest is performed through a latest generation grape harvester that allows to bring the grapes into the winery without affecting their quality. We think that modernity means rationality and common sense, never losing sight of respect for tradition.

VentiVenti struttura Azienda sfondo blu

Traditional Method

The traditional method is the father of all methods and the most ancient one.

It has its roots in France, more precisely in the Champagne region. It is a sparkling wine-making process that consists of triggering the second fermentation in the bottle by adding selected sugars and yeasts.

Its secret relies precisely on the second fermentation in the bottle and the long refinement on fermentation yeast, which gives the wine elegance, finesse and complexity.

The traditional method represents us and we embraced it from the very first day.

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