The Independent Winemaker cultivates their own vineyards, vinifies their own grapes, bottles their own wine, and personally oversees its sale, under their own responsibility, with their own name and label. Engaged daily in a process that encompasses the entire production chain, the Winemakers consistently work to preserve, protect, and promote their native territory.
Cantina Ventiventi joins the federation of independent winemakers from November 2023, uniting businesses of varying sizes and producers of different types of wine who share a love for the territory and a high level of attention to all the stages of production carried out firsthand. The network of companies allows for constant collaboration and growth.

Organic Agriculture

The inestimable value of tradition, the disruptive strength of innovation, the absolute respect for the nature and its seasons.
The past, the present and the future guide our decisions every day.
Since the laying of seed of the first vineyard in 2016, Ventiventi has promoted an organic and healthy agriculture that respects the territory, the vines and its workers. We embraced the green agriculture because it represents us and allows us to have healthy grapes with an original taste that are the voice of our story.

A perfect combination of tradition and innovation, history and modernity, nature and technology.Ventiventi has found the perfect balance among all this, and aims at perfection by taking the best out of each aspect.


Ventiventi aims at making its winery more and more sustainable by focusing on three topics that are key for us:

  • Organic farming: from the very beginning we are committed to embrace organic farming, which fully respects the nature, the environment, the vines and its workers.
  • Photovoltaic system: thanks to our photovoltaic system, we already produce 40kw every year, but we have even more ambitious goals. We wish to become as energy self-sufficient as possible, both in the winery and in the vineyard.
  • Irrigation system: We use a state-of-the-art precision irrigation system that is more environmentally friendly. It is a highly technological, innovative and sustainable drip irrigation system. The secret is the dripping, which sensibly reduces nutrients and water consumption.

Ventiventi chose Irritec as partner for this sustainability project.

Every single device, every single tool was chosen in the name of the “green” soul of Ventiventi.

Technology and respect for the nature

Ventiventi represents innovation understood as modernity. Through progress and technological modernization, we aim at offering a quality product that respects the soil, the plants and the environment, giving special attention to order and precision.

For the success of our wines, we don’t rely on chemicals, but on the balance of the nature; thanks to new technologies, we reduce significantly the use of copper and sulfur.

With our brand-new grape harvester, we manage to bring the grapes into our cellars in the best possible status, which allows us to use a reduced quantity of sulphites.

Modernity at Ventiventi means quality and efficiency, but it never disregards respect for nature and tradition.